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Bohemian birds is the global travel society for curious minds. Our community consists of globetrotters with a zest for life and an appetite for the unknown. Transformational experiences and the joy of serendipity are key to achieving our main mission: to help people empty their bucket list. Because everybody has certain experiences they dream of having, countries they dream of seeing, airplanes that they dream of jumping out of – but time and willpower are short. Whether it’s in the field of traveling, social impact or entrepreneurship: Bohemian birds is that little nudge that helps you go from dreaming big, to living your dream.

B-Dressed offers tailor made fashion boxes for women. Shopping can be a hassle, you might not have time for it or you might just want to be surprised with a fresh outfit. B-Dressed has a team of personal stylists who discuss what you like and based on your preferences assemble a box with nice items. Due to the local contracts with special brands and little Amsterdam based boutiques, the clothes B-Dressed provides are rather unique.

SpelenderGrijs connects youngsters with seniors in nursing homes. Our scholars and students entertain, educate and energize the elderly in order to support their healthy development in a fun way. SpelenderGrijs is currently active in a number of regions across the Netherlands, offering joy to a large number of seniors.

(Exit November 2016) (Drink ´n Dine) is the Airbnb for living room restaurants. The platform enables you to book unique dining experiences in the kitchen of hobby chefs, who all have been pre-screened based on their passion and the quality of their food & service. The team strives to let people connect via dining parties and enables you to experience an entire new world of dining. 

StudySquare helps high school, college and university students with passing their exams. Our tutors, selected based on their own exam experience, prepare the students in training courses where they break down the content in easy to understand fragments and test the knowledge of the students via our own exams.