Blooming & Booming is run by 4 partners. We all work at corporates, in different fields of expertise, but with a communal interest in entrepreneurship. We get energized by interacting with young entrepreneurs and aim to collaboratively grow ideas into scalable businesses. We all have experience with starting companies and due to the different fieds of expertise, we can offer a broad range of knowledge as well as a supporting network of other professionals.


Blooming & Booming is an Amsterdam & New York based seed stage venture capital fund. We are a team of young professionals that aims to collaborate with young entrepreneurs to transform ideas into businesses. 


Besides a financial investment,  we also provide coaching based on our personal experience and field of expertise. As a starting entrepreneur, you can see us as a team of mentors to whom you can go with any questions that may arise during your day-to-day management activities. Our approach is without micro-managing you: after all we have confidence in your capabilities as a successful entrepreneur.

Blooming & Booming

Seed Stage Venture Capital
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